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We are Key Builders

Key Builders, under the leadership of co-owners Bill Tanasse and John Hospodar, focuses on creating custom homes and remodels. Together, they are committed to delivering outstanding homes that harmonize luxury, functionality, and sustainability.

Bill Tanasse Key Builders

Bill Tanasse

Bill Tanasse, originally from Washington State, relocated to Grand Ledge, Michigan in 1994 after earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering. With a passion for construction, he began building and remodeling in the Seattle area before bringing his expertise to the greater Lansing area. At Key Builders, Bill applies his design acumen and commitment to excellence, fostering a team dedicated to luxury and value.

He believes that being a builder entails more than just craftsmanship; it's about guiding clients to achieve their vision while delivering quality and cost-effectiveness. Bill prioritizes educating clients about value early in the project, emphasizing that it transcends dollars per square foot. He finds fulfillment in witnessing the joy on clients' faces upon completion of their new or remodeled home.

Tanasse says the part of his job he loves the most is seeing the satisfaction, even joy, on the faces of his clients when the work is completed and they are able to enjoy their new, or newly remodeled, home.

John Hospodar

John Hospodar's journey in construction began at age 10, working summers with his family's framing crew. Through hard work and commitment, he developed a passion for the industry. After earning an Associate's degree in Residential Building and a Bachelor's in Engineering Technology, he joined Key Builders over a decade ago as a carpenter.

John's extensive experience in the field allows Key Builders to accommodate and excel in projects of any size or scope. His dedication to simplifying the construction process ensures that every project is completed efficiently and effectively. With a passion for building and a commitment to client satisfaction, John continues to lead Key Builders with integrity and excellence. John finds joy in witnessing custom spaces come to life and building strong client relationships.

For John, Key Builders is more than a company—it's a family. He's grateful every day to be part of a team dedicated to client satisfaction and exceptional results.

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