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custom kitchen renovation
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We are Key Builders

Key Builders specializes in custom homes and remodels. Bill Tanasse, owner of Key Builders, stresses that a custom home is more than a big house with standard or production-style materials. “With custom amenities, home budgets can escalate. Price is a function of choices,” he added. “But upgrading to a better furnace, for example, will save money in the long run, and will also be better for the environment.”

Bill Tanasse Key Builders

Bill earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering before starting his career in construction. Originally from Washington State, he began building and remodeling in the Seattle area after completing college. Bill relocated to Grand Ledge, his wife’s hometown, in 1994 and has been using his degree and experience in the greater Lansing area ever since.


Bill brings his gift of design and his passion for excellence to Key Builders. Creating a team

of employees and craftspeople who share his vision for luxury and value has always

been a priority.

“Being a builder is a whole lot more than craftsmanship,” says Tanasse, “we’re helping people with what will likely be their biggest investment. From beginning to end, a builder needs to know how to relate to clients, advising them how to get the house and the value they want. Then the builder needs to deliver on his promises, both in quality and cost.” All members of the Key Builders' team work together to achieve that goal.


Bill spends time early in the project educating his clients about what constitutes value. “Value is a lot more than dollars per square foot. You have to know what your dollar is buying.” The team at Key Builders supports the client through the selection process, educating them about products along the way.

Tanasse says the part of his job he loves the most is seeing the satisfaction, even joy, on the faces of his clients when the work is completed and they are able to enjoy their new, or newly remodeled, home.

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